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Check Out Camping in Iceland Guide

Choose your type of camping in Iceland

Before you are ready to go camping in Iceland, you will have to choose how you are going to camp. You have 3 options:

Motorhome rentals in Iceland

A camper is a way to have your home and your kitchen with you. The price of a motorhome depends entirely on its size and season. RVs and larger RVs range per day. We rented ours from Happy Campers.

Sleeping in a tent

On a budget? Camping with a Tent in Iceland is the most comfortable way to camp and save a lot of money. But due to the constantly changing weather, it is better to camp near your car so that you can hide from a storm if necessary.

Camping in a car

Do not want to spend this amount on rent, not a fan of tents or in Iceland for a quick visit? Rent a car where the back seat can go completely flat and sleep in it.

Campsites in Iceland

There are many campsites throughout the country. Most have a hot shower, toilet, kitchenette, WiFi, and a powered area for your electronic devices. The average price for a night at a campsite is per person. It is not necessary to book your place for the night in advance. View all campsites in Iceland on Google Maps.

The basics of camping in Iceland

Camping in Iceland is great. The ultimate freedom to drive and sleep in an unfamiliar place. Use these recommendations to fully prepare for your camping experience and road trip in Iceland.

Food and water

There are many supermarkets such as Bonus and Kronan in the big cities. Remember that you only have one stove, so try to cook basically. Dishes such as pasta with vegetables and sauce are very affordable. To save money, avoid meat and alcohol, these prices will force you to double or triple your budget.

Drinking water is free and safe to drink from the tap in Iceland. Buy one or two bottles at the grocery store that you can refill during your trip. The campsites offer free drinking water and some even have a hose to fill your camper’s tank.

At the headquarters of HappyCampers, they have the free zone where travelers leave their groceries at the end of the trip. Take everything you need with you and save a lot of money.


Do not go to Iceland without a camera and a spare battery. You will also need to charge this battery. Your RV Rental has an inverter so you can charge the battery of your camera, phone or laptop while driving.

Stay connected

Iceland has a fairly strong 3G or 4G connection throughout the country. If you live in Europe, you can use the same phone plan as at home. You do not need to buy a separate SIM card in Iceland.

Showers and toilets

Most Icelandic campsites are equipped with clean and warm showers and toilets. Some of them also offer laundry units. Save coins that you can use for showers. Toilet paper is always included, but it’s good to buy a spare while you’re shopping.

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