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Complete Guide to Plan a Trip

1. Planning a travel budget

The very first thing you need to do to plan a trip, and most importantly, is decide how much money you want to spend on your next adventure. Your travel budget will have a big impact on how you plan your trip, for example where you can travel and for how long.

With a small budget, visit inexpensive countries, such as Laos or Thailand. Shorten your vacation so that you can visit more expensive countries such as Portugal or Italy. You can also spend less on flights and travel by car or train by having a vacation near you.

2. Choose a destination

Now that you have set your budget, the next thing to do is decide which awesome country you are traveling to. Make that decision by answering these quick questions:

What kind of trip do you like to plan?

It’s a good idea to think about your favorite activities or the best trips you’ve taken in the past. Do you like adventure or relaxation? City or countryside? Or maybe you want to try something completely new? Some countries may be able to offer more than one type of trip, but it is good to plan a trip based on these categories. Example:

Relaxation-imagine yourself lying on the beautiful soft white sand, swinging in a hammock, sipping coconuts under the airy palm trees. Then choose countries famous for their heavenly beaches or islands. Like the Maldives, Thailand or Greece.

Culture-if you like to learn while traveling, plan a trip to a country with an interesting history or well-preserved traditions. For Example, Cambodia, Oman, Or Peru. Understanding the culture of a country and meeting the locals is one of the best parts of the trip!

Food-do you think choosing a destination based on food is silly? Think again! Trying local food is one of the most delicious and enjoyable parts of the trip. Plan a trip based on your gastronomic favorites. For Example, India, Italy, Or Indonesia. Yum!

Transport-many countries are especially famous for their picturesque excursions. Examples are the famous train journey from Kandy to Ella in Sri Lanka, the legendary motorcycle loops in Vietnam, and the charming Silk Road in Uzbekistan.

What time of year do you travel?

Chances are, you’ve booked some free time. Therefore, to plan a trip, you need to think about the seasons and the country that is best to visit at this particular time of the year. Example:

  • Look for the high season and the low season to find out when a country will be expensive or inexpensive.
  • Examine the weather conditions. For example, the Philippines has one typhoon season and two different high seasons per region.
  • Think about why you are visiting this country. If you visit Vietnam for the green rice fields, go there when they are the lushest.
  • What are the visa requirements?
  • Before planning to visit another country, it is important to check the visa requirements for your nationality. In some matters, a travel document is required to enter the destination country.

3. Location search

Research is essential when planning a trip, especially when you plan to travel through a country. Use the following resources to do your research:

Plan a trip with Pinterest and Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are a great ways to find blogs and photo inspirations for destinations. Search for your destination using hashtags or the search bar. It’s a great way to find hidden gems that you might not be able to discover otherwise.

4. Plan a trip

Now that you’ve finished your research, it’s time to put the pieces together and create a daily itinerary. Pin the locations of your searches to Google Maps so that you have a clear overview of the locations and the distances between them.

5. Book your trip

It’s an exciting time; you’re ready to book the trip you’ve planned!

Book flights or trains

Book flights using search engines like Skyscanner or Kiwi to find the lowest options or flights with the fewest stopovers. It is also a good idea to compare the price directly with the airline. Sometimes the airline has a promotion, so the price can be significantly affordable.

In addition, stopovers are a great way to make your flight affordable, while allowing you to add an additional location to your itinerary! Kiwi allows you to add stops to see if it increases or decreases your price.

Booking Accommodation

Use your itinerary to decide where you need accommodation and search for the best area to stay. For example, is it better to be in the center of the city, close to tourist attractions, or near the beach for relaxation? Use sites such as and Airbnb to find great deals and secure reviews.

6. Plan Your Arrival

Arriving at your destination after a long train or plane ride can be stressful if you don’t know where you’re going. When planning a trip, make sure:

Buy a local SIM card at the airport so you can use apps like Google Maps, taxi services like Uber, a translation app or just to inform your hotel.

Plan in advance how to get to your accommodation and make sure you have the contact details in the matter you get lost. For example, study how much a taxi from the airport will cost and where to find one. Or decide which metro line you need to get to your destination.

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