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List of Famous Hot Springs in Iceland

1. Hrunalaug-one of Iceland’s Hot Springs

The most picturesque and Secret natural hot pool is Hrunalaug. Only 1.5 hours from Reykjavik, this small cloakroom is hidden among the mountains behind a small village. The hot spring can accommodate up to 15 people and is usually not crowded. On weekends, some locals also drink a beer here. There is a fee box, leave the requested amount on the box. Hrunalaug is one of the things to do in Iceland.

2. Infinity Pool

In the far northwest of Iceland there is a small town called Hofsos that offers views of the infinity pool over the fjords and the island of Drangey. It has a hot pool, hot tub, very clean showers and lockers and all for only.

3. Landbrot pool

At the beginning of the Snaefellsnes peninsula, there is a small natural hot spring on the side of the main road. Use Google Maps to guide you here. As soon as you arrive, go down the path to a small hole in the ground that can accommodate 4 people. On the other side where the pump is located, there is a larger pool.

4. Blue Lagoon-famous hot spring in Iceland

The most famous geothermal pool in Iceland is the Blue Lagoon. This world famous pool is beautiful and should not be ignored.

Some say that it is expensive and that it damages your hair (because of the salt water). Well, it’s expensive, but it’s definitely worth it! We do not notice that our hair is damaged.

The Blue Lagoon is a great experience. Milky-colored water, a face mask, a drink, a towel. The water is white, the sun makes it blue. Crazy, huh?! You can order Blue Lagoon tickets online and it is perfect to create one at the beginning or at the end of your Iceland itinerary.

5. Myvatn Natural Baths

Mývatn’s natural baths are a smaller version of the blue lagoon. This geothermal swimming pool is located in the north of Iceland, 6 hours from Reykjavik. The best thing about the pool is the view of the landscape that surrounds it. The price of Myvatn is about a third affordable than Blue Lagoon. If you have to choose between the city, we always recommend the Blue Lagoon.

6. Swimming pool

A hidden gem among all the highlights of South Iceland is Seljavallalaug. Also called the oldest swimming pool in Iceland. It is quite hidden from the main road and it takes a 15 minute walk through the valley to get here. It is located between Seljalandsfoss and Skogafoss. The pool is maintained thanks to donations, so leave a small gift.

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