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These are Picturesque Churches in Iceland

1. Amenity

In the west of Iceland, on the Snaefellsnes peninsula, there is the most beautiful church in Iceland. The Ingjaldshólskirkja Church was built in 1903, making it one of the oldest concrete churches in the country. It is in the middle of nowhere and has a mountain backdrop and a filmy road leading to it. A photographer’s dream.

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Reykjavik is home to Hallgrímskirkja, Iceland’s most famous church. With its 74 meters, it is the tallest church in the country. Climbing the tower of this modern church will reward you with a view of the whole city and its surroundings.

3. Reykjavik

Also on Snaefellsnes, there is a small black wooden church. The church is a popular church in Iceland and is often used for wedding photos. We were lucky that she was surrounded by many Icelandic horses but this is not the normal matter in this church.

4. Seydisfjordur Church, Seydisfjordur

In the deep eastern part of Iceland is the small creative town of Seydisfjordur. Here is a small blue church with a rainbow path leading to it. A must-see city!

5. Myrdal Church, Norway

Surrounded in summer by a sea of purple is the Southern Church in Vik. In June, the purple lupine flower opens, making this church a favorite of the photographer. Vik is very close to Dyrhólaey. It’s on the list of things to do in Iceland.

6. Siglufjordur Church, Siglufjordur

Far from the Icelandic road used in the northern part of Iceland is the town of Siglufjörður. It is a small church on the top of a hill. You will pass this village on day 8 in the direction of Hofsos and its infinity thermal pool.

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